I'm a graphic designer in Taipei, Taiwan. I working in individual workshop, with scope of work encompassing artistic performances, literary staging and avant-garde oriented graphic design.
義大利艾德現代芭蕾舞團《婚禮》《戀戀羅西尼》/ Poster
義大利艾德現代芭蕾舞團《婚禮》《戀戀羅西尼》/ Poster

義大利艾德現代芭蕾舞團《婚禮》《戀戀羅西尼》/ Poster

Les Noces & Rossini Cards by Fondazione Nazionale della Danza Aterballetto

Bigonzetti’s new version of Les Noces relies on and elicits the powerful erotic drive embedded in Stravinsky’s score, offering the first-rate dancers of the company a unique blend of technical and interpretative demands. The danced action is captivatingly fast-paced and temperature-raising.” The Spectator, London

Les Noces
Les Noces is an abstract, formal ballet with precise, rigid movements which give the piece an almost statuesque aspect. It explores an academic and aesthetic vision of beauty. Color is absent in order to highlight an accurate black and white with just a slight touch of red. The movement is formal, clean and disciplined underlining the strength of the rite. The refined costumes are almost stylized, precise in their myriad folds.

Rossini Cards
An abstract creation, without a dramaturgic framework. Not a story, but scenes from parallel lives: images, cards, dramatic icons and comic situations. An expression of Gioacchino Rossini’s music, of its pressing, geometric and precise rhythm and, in the end, of a Dionysian vitalism.

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