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2009 Ethnomusicology Lecture Performance / Poster

2009 Ethnomusicology Lecture Performance / Poster


In the “Ethnomusicology Lecture Performance,” “Bali Music—Gamelan” is the first program to be presented. The lecture is being given by Triyono Bramantyo (visiting professor of Tainan National University of the Arts) and Tejo Bagus Sunaryo (troupe Gamelan from the Indonesia University of the Arts). With this lively demonstration, the audience can appreciate the Bali’s minimalism at the same time. Gamelan is the combination of Javanese and Balinese percussion; normally it is performed at religious, wedding, and circumcision ceremonies. The percussion instruments are mostly made of bronze and iron. When listening to Gamalan, you will be overcome by its powerful and complex rhythm and sound effects.

Pakistan, a land that has charmed countless music lovers, is home to a wide variety of instruments and music. The Qawwali of the Sufi Mysticism is one of its finest examples. Developed by the Islamic Sufi Order over seven hundred years ago, the Qawwali is an instrument designed to show the utmost respect to the Qur’an, the Commandments and other prophets during prayers and worship. The listeners and the performer sway to the music to achieve a state of rapture in unifying the mortal and the divine. Prof. Zhong-De Tsai, a specialist in the Qawwali, has been invited to give a lecture. The Pakistani Rizwan Muazzam Qawwali Ensemble, with their lead vocalist and chorus and accompanied by traditional instruments such as harmonium, dholak, tambourine, Tabla as well as clapping, will give the first live demonstration of authentic traditional Qawwali music in Taiwan.

Chulalongkorn University is the first higher education institution ever established in Thailand, as well as the most well known university of the country. The Chulalongkorn University Ensemble has been established by a group of noted traditional Thai musicians, and it actively tours internationally and holds music workshops. Our speaker, Dr. Bussakorn Binson, graduated from York University, UK and is now one of the greatest Thai music educator as well as ethnomusicologist. The concert will include a traditional musical performance and a background introduction on Thai religion and ceremony. The performance is extremely rich in content, covering classic pieces in the north, middle and south areas of Thailand.

The word “Baul” refers to the bards in Indian Bangel who believe in mysticism. Generation after generation, they pass down the spirit of the teaching of this religion, while music remains an important tradition used to make their doctrine known. Though Bauls only take up a small portion of the population in Indian Bangel, they have a significant influence to Bangel culture. You can recognize their Baul identity by their appearance and the instruments they carry with them. In 2005, Baul tradition, with its history of 500 years, was deemed to be one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2005.

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